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  • Delicious/Pinboard/Zootool/Google Bookmarks </ul> -- I could spend my whole day just pushing content to these different places. I'd like to do most of my content pushing to one place, and have it propagate elsewhere. I might have certain specialized content, which I'd push to just one of these, but general content should go via one 'hub.'

    I was thinking I'd post to Tumblr and use ifttt to replicate to the others. That won't cover Input Jam. I could post everything to Input Jam and use an RSS feed to ifttt to feed the others, or I could sunset Input Jam.

    Input Jam has user comments, and Tumblr doesn't. But if I can post to Tumblr and get it to push to Input Jam, then I'd still have comments.

    Conceptually, that's all really lovely. Practically speaking, I think that links and blogging are fundamentally different things. Long-form blogging versus tweeting might be different things but if you simply truncate long-form posts to 140 characters, you can treat tweets and truncated blogging as fundamentally the same. For me, most photos and home videos are private, so I'll post the occasional shared pic/video with a blog post.

    So store all links in a link repository (e.g. Delicious) and replicate out from there; store all blog entries in a blog repository and replicate out from there.

    Some might argue that re-posting my blog entries dilutes my brand. If I ever get a following, then I'll figure out how not to dilute. For now, exposure is the more important item.

    Which link/bookmark engine? Shareaholic to post would be great if it would post to all its services at once. Unfortunately, it is nothing more than a drop-down menu with each service's bookmarklet. I'll post via Posterous, and use ifttt to push bookmarks elsewere. Delicious is my primary data store. Even with the unpopular re-launched edition, post-Yahoo, it is still the common denominator which other engines can import/export.

    Which blog engine for the primary posting? Posterous.

    Posterous is pretty much the brain-dead, obvious choice for blogging, if you want your content to get pushed to other locations. When there's a tool that is specifically designed for the job at hand, use it.

    Edit: Not so fast. In practice, Posterous only pushes a subset of the posting when it pushes content to your other servers. And I'm finding that Posterous reports errors in logging in when it attempts to access Input Jam. Posterous doesn't post my links to Delicious as links, it posts links to the Posterous posting!

    • The entry point for bookmarks is Delicious.
    • Blog content goes to Input Jam.
    • Replication that can be accomplished from those sources will be the limit of my replication. </ul>