I bought an Apple Magic Trackpad for use with my Windows PC. I’d read that you can use the Bootcamp drivers to make it work.

It doesn't work well.

It is fine for a few minutes, then it flakes out, and then it is fine again. "Flakes out" means that pointer movement becomes spastic, sometimes it moves only in one axis, etc.

So I thought I'd move it to my Ubuntu PC. I'd read that Touchegg worked well. I'm sure it does for some people, but I could either get my Trackpad to work or my keyboard, and I'm not ready to give up my keyboard.

I would up using it with my MacBook Pro! Usually, I'm quite happy with my MacBook's keyboard and touchpad. But when I'm one-hand browsing, I prefer to rest my forearm on the table and that causes the sharp edge of my MacBook to press on my wrist, which is uncomfortable.

Since the Magic Touchpad has a lower front edge, there's no sharp edge on my wrist.

Ironic, because I'd never have bought it for this purpose, but that's where it is most useful.