I ran across an odd behavior in RocketDock recently.  When minimize-to-dock was enabled, and I minimized an application, nothing happened for 10 seconds, and then the window minimized.  Not "about 10 seconds."  "Exactly 10 seconds, every time."

At first I thought that my graphics card was too slow, but then I tried a fresh install, and minimize-to-dock was very fast.

It turns out that having an icon on the dock, that points to a network folder or file, causes this 10-second pause — when I’m not connected to the network.

Apparently, RocketDock is attempting to follow the icon pointers on a minimize, and it has to wait for something to time-out before it continues.  The work-around is not to put shortcuts to network folders/files directly on the dock.  You can put them in a stacks docklet.  Just don’t put them on the dock (or always be connected to your LAN).


Here’s a work-around.  Instead of making the icon on the dock be a shortcut to the LAN folder, make it a shortcut to a VBScript or a .CMD file that opens the LAN folder, and put the script on a local drive.

Another Note:
The Nvidia Desktop Manager seems to grab control-alt-shift-leftClick of the minimize button (for minimize to a title bar, a.k.a. roll-up), so RocketDock’s control-alt-shift-leftClick of the minimize button doesn’t prevent minimize-to-dock.  There are two work-arounds:
1. Temporarily disable Nview Manager.
2. Edit the RocketDock settings.ini file and add the application to the WindowsFilter list.  e.g.