Outlook 2003 Tasks Versus Evernote 3 (Windows Desktop edition)

Advantage Outlook:

  1. You can set a reminder on a task in Outlook.
  2. I've set up nifty Search Folders to give me the following views of Tasks:
    • All Tasks
    • Completed Tasks
    • @errand
    • @everywhere
    • @home
    • @nowhere
    • @office
  3. Outlook offers more columns (i.e. attributes), where Evernote just has Tags.  This gives me more options for sorting and filtering.
  4. Outlook provides easy drag-and-drop email to create a Task.
  5. Evernote just does a poor job of formatting.  Really poor.

­Advantage Evernote:

  1. Synchronization across web, Windows, OS X (and yes, I use all 3).
  2. iPhone synch (for when I buy an iPhone).
  3. Evernote is a better reposiitory for other (non-task) information, that I'll be using even if I put my Tasks in Outlook.

Other Notes:

  • July 23, 2009 - I'm going with Outlook because of the reminders (mostly) and the extra attributes (to a lesser degree).