• Download from http://www.jello-dashboard.net/?page_id=29
  • Whether you use the .exe or the .zip, you may see a "Could not obtain offline settings..." error when trying to set the folder's home page to Jello5.htm.  Clicking Cancel will get you past the error, with no ill effects (so far as I can tell).
  • It seems to access Outlook secured fields without using Redemption.  To avoid the "A program is trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in Outlook" error, install http://www.mapilab.com/outlook/security.   (I downloaded this and saved it as Outlook-Disable-Security-Warning-Plugin.zip.)
  • I wanted to set a Home Page for a PST file (instead of my default store, which is an Exchange folder).  Outlook 2007 makes this difficult.  Download "Office 2007 system Administrative Template files" from Microsoft, run the group policy editor, and:
    • User Configuration > Administrative Templates
    • Action > Add/Remove Templates
    • Add outlk12.adm from the download
    • Close the Add dialog
    • User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Microsoft Outlook 2007 > Tools|Options > Other > Advanced
    • Disable "Do not allow folders in non-default stores to be set as folder home page..."

I think that covers all the hacking, just to get it running.  To actually USE the thing…


  • "The Hierarchy" - the tree control in the panel on the right side of the Jello display.

How Do I…

  • Create contexts:
    • Right-click Tags in the hierarchy, and select Insert.  Jello 5 doesn't treat context any different than other tags, so be sure to use the @ prefex, so you can recognize contexts.
  • Add an Action:
    • Click Collect on the Home Page.

Shortcut Keys ("Hot keys"):

  • They only work when you're looking at the Jello Dashboard page.  They aren't Outlook hot-keys.
  • Home Screen - ^H
  • Search - ^Z