Casio Wave Ceptor Tough Solar Wristwatch Instructions - Model 3311 (Also marked 430J, which looks like 4300)


A|    |B
C|    |D

Sometimes I refer to the buttons by A,B,C,D. Other times I use the hour nearest the button: 10PM, 2PM, 4PM, 8PM

The “normal” state is displaying the current time.

To get to normal state:

  • Poke 8PM button until the chirp changes. If it shows current time, you’re done.
  • Poke the 10PM button until current time is displayed.

To display date/time of last atomic sync, starting from normal state:

  • Poke 4 PM button once. It will start cycling among 3 displays:
    • Satellite dish icon
    • Date of last sync
    • Time of last sync When you’re done, poke 4 PM button to return to display of current time.

If you get stuck in Kanji day-of-week mode:

  • Hold 10PM button until flashing.
  • Poke 10PM button AGAIN to get to 12/24 hour mode.
  • Repeatedly poke 8PM as it cycles through manually setting:
    • 12/24
    • Seconds
    • Hour
    • Minute
    • Year
    • Month
    • Day
    • Language
  • At the language setting, poke 4PM button to toggle Kani/English.
  • Poke 10PM to stop flashing.

Atomic Clock Synch:

  • Receive atomic clock now – Hold D until it chirps. </li>
  • Receiving tip (from East Coast USA) - Put the watch in west-facing window, 12 toward the window, motionless while receiving (2-3 minutes).
  • Daylight Saving Time - the watch does auto-DST based on the atomic clock signal.  If DST isn’t right, it didn’t receive the signal last night.

Click here to see the inscrutable Casio Instructions There are two different Casio manuals. One is for 3311 and 5052. One is for 3311 and 3356. You want the 3311/3356 one. They have mostly the same content, but the settings chart in the 3311/3356 was easier for me to read.