When I’m using a VMware HVD (VMware Horizon View), sometimes the mouse pointer gets stuck in the HVD. If my HVD is maximized, the mouse will not move to the title bar (HVD tool bar), to let me minimize the HVD. If my HVD is not maximized, I can’t move the mouse pointer out of the HVD window. The mouse pointer keeps jumping back into the middle of the HVD window.

I don’t know how to fix the problem, but a work-around is to press control-alt, to release the mouse from the HVD – just like you would do with VMware Workstation or VMware Player.

Sometimes, it won’t move within the window to where I want. To work-around that, press control-alt to release the mouse, re-size the View window (a tiny bit is enough), and re-enter the View window.