I’m revisiting the eternal question of what-goes-where. I’ve made some recent changes, and I want to get them documented, to remind me of my textual data management plan.

  • Tasks (to-do, Next Actions, etc.) go in my Outlook "Tasks" folder.
  • GTD Projects go in Outlook in a folder (of content-type Task) named "Projects".
    • The body of the project task-item contains actions that are not GTD Next Actions.
  • Input Jam web site gets how-to technical pointers of possible interest to others.
  • Evernote gets big-picture goals, miscellaneous strategy notes, how-did-I-do-this items that don't go to Input Jam.

For my Tasks, I have set up Outlook "Search Folders" for:

  • All Tasks
  • Completed Tasks
  • @Agenda
  • @Errand
  • @Everywhere (includes all contexts and no-context-filled-in tasks)
  • @Home
  • @Nowhere (tasks that don't have a context entered yet)
  • @Office

Setting up a Search Folder for non-email items can’t be done via the user interface in Outlook 2003, so I’ve written VBA (an Outlook macro) to create the Search Folders.

My basic view in Outlook is the Shortcuts view (accessible via control-7), so that I can look at my Search Folders, my Inbox, my Tasks and my Projects folders, without other folders distracting me.

I use some important keyboard shortcuts:

  • I use Slickrun, with control-space to bring-up Slickrun.  Some of the Slickrun commands I use are:
    • do <text> -- create a Task in Outlook with <text>
    • dop <text> -- just like 'do', except that it creates an item in my Projects Outlook folder.
  • Winkey-N - Starts Evernote