Testing VMWare Player 1.0.3, VirtualBox, and Virtual PC 2007...

Time between starting from the text-mode (F8) boot screen.  256MB RAM allocated to VM. Windows 2000 Pro (SP4) guest.  Host Extensions installed in every case.

Seconds before Login prompt displayed:

Safe Mode w/Networking

  • VirtualBox  31 sec
  • VMWare Player 1.0.2 38 sec
  • VMWare Player 2 beta 53 sec
  • Virtual PC 2007

Boot Normally

  • VirtualBox  26 sec
  • VMWare Player 1.0.2 29 sec
  • VMWare Player 2 beta 45 sec
  • Virtual PC 2007


  • VirtualBox Shared Folders crashes the guest.  Semi-repeatable if you browse to C:\foo\bar and bar has hundreds of files in it.  VMWare Player has no Shared Folders.  Pay $200 for Workstation and you get Shared Folders that work.  Which is the better option: free broken or $200 working?
  • Virtual PC Shared Folders might work. I haven't tested it yet.