Punch architecture software is a lot like democracy - it is the worst alternative, except for all the others we've tried to date.

Here's how I created a house plan with Punch AS 4000 Version 10.

  1. Start Punch
  2. File/New
  3. Start Topo Designer (powertool)
  4. Design/Lot Properties= 180x180. You want a multiple of 3 feet in order to match up with the grid Punch uses for landscape. This is NOT your lot size -- it is the size of your universe. Make it bigger than your lot; include the right-of-way plus a little of the surrounding world, unless you really want the edge of the Earth to be at the edge of your lot. Don't make it too big, or it will slow down Punch.
  5. Save the topography and exit the topo power tool.
  6. Change to floor 1 (click the little house with a 1, 2, or a 3 in it, near the lower-left corner).
  7. Select the exterior wall tool and draw the complete perimeter of the basement, including the foundation wall under the garage.  Draw each wall. You don't have to get the dimensions perfect. Just make sure you enclose the entire foundation.  Don't use exterior walls other than for perimeter walls.