Casio makes inscrutable watches. I suppose there’s only so much U.I. you can do with 4 buttons. My Casio Illuminator Five Alarms W-213 started alarming at midnight.

In the course of pushing buttons, it is easy to accidentally enable an alarm. (e.g. If you get the digits flashing to set an alarm, it auto-enables the alarm, even if you don’t change the time.)

It is much harder to disable the alarm. Here’s how:

  • Poke the Select button until you reach the alarm screen.
  • Look at the wheel indicator in the upper-left corner. It is marked with digits 1-5. If any of these indicators is dark, that alarm is on.
  • Press the Start/Stop button until the desired alarm is displayed.
  • Press the Reset button until the wheel-indicator for that alarm number AND the SNZ indicator to the right of the wheel are off.

Human Factors comment: Making the default alarm time for your product be midnight is inconsiderate. Yeah, I know – you defaulted to zero. That’s a very programmer thing to do. But when I accidentally enable an alarm, I really, really do not want it to wake me at midnight.