Due to increasing browser security and it having become abandonware, I’m going to move away from Tiddlywiki Classic. I tried using it in a .hta file, but IE has some problems with its JavaScript and I’m unwilling to fix the source myself.

I need two distinct personal knowledge bases: work-related and personal. I’d like to be able to edit each from my work laptop and my personal laptop, at the office and at home.

For a variety of (undocumented) reasons, I’ve narrowed my options to Tidddlywiki 5 (node.js edition) and a Jekyll-generated web site.

Some features I want:

  TW Support Jekyll Support
Inter-wiki linking Y Y
GFM Markdown Y Y
MathJax * 1 * 2
Images Y * 3 Y * 3
Send my wife a URL Y Y
Usable at work and home Y Y
Need not store my personal data in the cloud Y Y
Can search with my native OS search (e.g. Spotlight) Y Y
Export/migrate if support vanishes Y Y
Maintains a history of changes N * 4 N * 4
Dual-master support Y * 5 Y * 5
Easy up and running when I rebuild my machine N N
Edit/view from Mac, Windows, Linux Y Y
Reduced tool count (I’m using Jekyll for other sites). N Y
This page referenced by… Y N
Edit this page Y N * 6
  • 1 Tiddlywiki: http://mathjax-tw5.kantorsite.net/ renders in text/x-marked, but throws an error. This one fails too: https://gist.github.com/kpe/cc0547b318e6f8d4ddaa. Some debugging required.
  • 2 Jekyll: https://alan97.github.io/random/mathjax/ has a tutorial for MathJax.
  • 3: May have to manually put images into a local folder and link to them from the Markdown.
  • 4: Neither product maintains a change history. You’d have to use something like git to version your data.
  • 5: I have a Mac laptop and a Linux server at home. I want to be able to edit and view data when either is getting rebuilt. I can do this with either by using my Linux server as a git server.
  • 6: I think I could write something to do this for Jekyll with an edit button to link to the corresponding admin interface edit page.


If I put them only on my linux server, I can access them from anywhere EXCEPT offline, and I can’t index them on my Mac. I can’t share with my wife if it is only on my Macbook. I can’t put my work PKB on my Macbook because I have no network connection between the two. I could use git to sync laptops with Linux server, and edit on either side. Need to make this low-friction.

Use Jekyll on as my PKB. That reduces my tool count, but when I’m looking at a page in Jekyll, navigating to EDIT it is a bother. Could I add an “Edit Me” button that is visible only locally? (Asked this on StackOverflow.) I’d use git-with-github for the public sites and git-with-mac-and-boxtop for the local sites.

Tagging is better in TW than Jekyll, but it exists in Jekyll.

Spotlight will find two copies of every page in Jekyll - one for the markdown and one for the HTML, unless I tell it not to index one of the folders.

If I use Tiddlywiki, it is very easy to mess it up or break part of it. I’ll need to use git agressively, so I can roll back changes. Sometimes rolling back a change seems to require stopping/starting the server (on my Mac):

{{{ launchctl unload /Users/kevin/Library/LaunchAgents/com.kleinfelter.tiddlywiki.plist launchctl load /Users/kevin/Library/LaunchAgents/com.kleinfelter.tiddlywiki.plist }}}