TiddlyGrande is a plugin for TiddlyWiki, adapting it to store its data in a SQLite database.

To some people, the essence of TiddlyWiki is that it is all in a single file.  To others, the TiddlyWiki user interface is most interesting.  If you fall into the latter group, and you have LOTS of tiddlers, you may be interested in TiddlyGrande.  (There’s a story out there that TiddlyWiki becomes slow when you have thousands of tiddlers.  I don’t know how true it is.)

Note:  I haven’t published the code yet.  It isn’t ready.  Some people release code before doc.  I release doc before code.


1. Install Google Gears.  Google Gears makes SQLite available to JavaScript running in the browser.

2. You need a TiddlyWiki file.  You can get one from http://www.tiddlywiki.com.


  1. If you have an existing TiddlyWiki with real data in it, I suggest you do this to a copy of your TiddlyWiki.
  2. Paste the content of the attached MarkupPostBody.txt into a tiddler named MarkupPostBody in your TiddlyWiki, and click the Save Changes link on your TiddlyWiki page.
  3. Copy the attached ggtiddlywiki.js into the same directory as your TiddlyWiki file.
  4. Copy gears_init.js into the same directory as your TiddlyWiki file.
  5. Refresh your browser (typically via pressing the F5 key, if you're running Windows).

Usage Notes:

  1. The first time you open/refresh your modified TiddlyWiki, it will migrate all of your data tiddlers into the SQLite database.  If you have a lot of tiddlers, this can take a lot of time.
  2. Tiddlers tagged with systemConfig are always stored in the TiddlyWiki file.  All other tiddlers get stored in the database.
  3. For non-systemConfig tiddlers, edits are immediately saved to the database.  There is no need to "Save Changes."
  4. When you click "Save Changes", it will save the entire set of Tiddlers (systemConfig tiddlers AND database tiddlers) to your TiddlyWiki file.  Don't click Save Changes if you don't want to do this.
  5. I recommend that you turn OFF TiddlyWiki's Autosave option when using TiddlyGrande.