I have a retirement account and a checking account (and more) in Quicken. I have many transfers from the checking account to the retirement account. When I right-click a transaction in the retirement account and select “Go To Transfer”, Quicken 2014 tells me “The transfer transaction is to an account that no longer exists in Quicken.” It is wrong. It is a bug in Quicken.

  • I can “Go To” from the transactions in the checking to the retirement account.
  • I cannot “Go To” from the transactions in the retirement account to the checking account.
  • If I rename the checking account, the renamed account shows up in the transactions in the retirement account, so the transactions are still linked.
  • I tried re-entering the transactions, and the situation still persists – “Go To” works in one direction but not the other.

The issue was reportedly acknowledged as a bug back in 2014 and as of 2016 it still isn’t fixed. I’m betting it won’t be fixed. When Intuit attempts to compel me to upgrade at the end of 2016 (they start blocking transaction downloads on a 3-year cycle), I’m going to have to consider moving to a real accounting package. The big things to look for when I do that will be:

  • Download of transactions from financial institutions
  • High-fidelity import of my existing Quicken data going back to 1990.
  • Ability to report on long-term spending/saving/investing (20-year historical reporting)