I tried using Taglocity 2.0.  When it comes to finding data, Taglocity’s ability to filter Outlook folders is great.  All of the emails without the specified tag(s) simply vanish from the Outlook explorer (mail folder view).  I really like being able to use all of the norrmal Outlook searching and sorting on results.  This much nicer than working with search results from Windows Desktop Search, Google Desktop Search, or Lookout.

If I could just get someone to do all the tagging.  I tagged almost all of my 8,000 emails over a weekend, and that went OK, but on-the-fly manual tagging just takes too much time and effort, and if I forget to tag an email, it is effectively lost.  Their auto-tagging is nice, but it doesn’t know what I consider to be the topic-keyword for the message.

Also, it insists on connecting to its server in order for the Outlook plug-in to work.  What happens when Taglocity goes out of business or drops support for v2.0?