Using Funambol 6.0.14

Here's how to synch your Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar via ScheduleWorld, using Funambol 6.0.14 and Outlook 2003. But it doesn't work, because ScheduleWorld muffs the synch with Google.

  1. Download and install Funambol 6.0.14
  2. Start the Funambol client
    1. Tools/Options
    2. Select the Sync icon
      1. Disable synch of everything except Calendar
      2. Click Calendar's Details button
      3. Sync Direction = 1-way
      4. Clear the Include sub-folders check box
      5. Remote Name = cal
      6. Data format = vCalendar
    3. Select the Account icon
      1. Location =
      2. Username = your numeric ScheduleWorld ID from
      3. Password = your ScheduleWorld password
    4. Click the Calendar sync button. When it completes, check to make sure your ScheduleWorld calendar looks like you expect.
    5. Change the config to 2-way synch
    6. Click the Calendar sync button. When it completes, check to make sure your ScheduleWorld calendar looks like you expect.
  3. Visit and click "Google Sync." Be sure to wait until it shows the completion pop-up before you navigate off the page.

Note: If you wonder about the difference between cal and scal URIs at ScheduleWorld, here's what he has to say on the subject:

cal -> IETF open standard iCalendar and vCalendar supported.
scal -> proprietary mostly undocumented Funambol format

This setup synched Outlook with ScheduleWorld just fine. ScheduleWorld did not successfully get all the appointments into Google, perhaps because of different calendar models.  If you synch things enough, eventually the messed up Google appointments start showing up in Outlook.  Very bad.

<p> </p><p>Using Funambol 3.0.14 </p><p>Paradise Found: </p> <p>As others have blogged, it is possible to synch your Outlook Calendar folder with your Google calendar via ScheduleWorld. ScheduleWorld uses the Funambol Plug-in for Outlook to deliver parts of this magic. It even works… mostly. </p> <p>Paradise Lost: </p> <p>I loaded it onto my PC, did a synch, and found happiness. The next time I did a synch it croaked. Hmmm… Not good. Eventually I tracked down the problem in the source, and figured out that Funambol was having trouble using the proxy server. </p> <p>Technical Handwaving: </p> <p>The code allocates a buffer large enough to hold Content-length (from the HTTP header) bytes. It then reads all available bytes into that buffer. Oops! Buffer overfun! [sic] When it runs from my home LAN, Funambol gets what it expects – bytes read equals Content-length. When it runs at work, the proxy (or maybe a router or the ScheduleWorld server) glues a bunch of nonsense onto the content, so that there are many more bytes to be read than would be indicated by Content-length. </p> <p>Paradise Found Again: </p> <p>The good folks at ObjectWeb have fixed it in a new release, but that release does not yet work with ScheduleWorld. In the meantime, I've uploaded a DLL (see link below) that works around the issue. If you're using Funambol Outlook client 3.0.14, you can un-zip and drop this DLL into C:\Program Files\Funambol\plug-ins\Funambol Outlook Plug-in, replacing the old version of the file. </p> <p>Disclaimer: If you use my DLL, you agree that you are solely responsible for any consequences. I used it successfully a few times. No warranty. Your mileage may vary. </p> <p>Just the Fix, Ma'am: </p> <ul> <li>Replacement winmainclientdll.dll for Funambol Outlook Client 3.0.14 might work for other 3.x; does NOT work well with 3.0.7 </li></ul>