The following is mostly supposition. (I’ll remove this remark after I finish testing.)

When I set up static DHCP on my Asus router, it doesn’t sort the entries by IP address. I’d like that to happen. Here are some related notes.

  • DHCP is controlled by /tmp/etc/ethers. It has MAC and IP addresses in it.
  • DNS is controlled by /tmp/etc/hosts.dnsmasq. It has IP address and DNS name entries.
  • I think that both of them are derived at boot time from the nvram variable dhcp_staticlist.
  • “nvram get dhcp_staticlist > temp-file” will show (in a non-standard format) all of the info needed to create ethers and hosts.dnsmasq files.
  • ‘nvram set dhcp_staticlist “long-string-from-temp-file”’
    • You can use backslash as a line continuation character, to permit newlines in long-string-from-temp-file.

Other notes:

  • “nvram show” lists all nvram.
  • must use a “nvram commit” after any nvram set (and, eventually, reboot in order to load them).
  • see
  • see

See also: Merlin’s DHCP terminology for static, dynamic, and manual