Automatically connect EDIMAX AC 600 USB WiFi to VMware Player guest:

Do this with VMware shut down!

  • Plug in the device when the VM is not running.
  • Confirm that the device shows up in Device Manager as “Edimax AC600 Wireless LAN USB Adapter”
  • Search within HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet for “Edimax AC600 Wireless LAN USB Adapter”
    • You will find an entry with DriverDesc = this value. Check that entry and you should find multiple values that contain “vid_7392&pid_a812”. This is the VID and PID for your device.
  • Edit the .vmx file for your VM.
    • Check for other usb.autoConnect entries. If they exist, increment “device0” to a higher number than zero in the following instruction.
    • Add a row with the vid and pid values, separated by a colon, with each one prefixed by “0x”:
      • usb.autoConnect.device0 = “0x7392:0xa812”