Collected from many different sources…

  • Run Cygwin's setup.exe and add the repository for Cygwin Ports --
    • Select Cygwin's Ruby package (you'll get a 1.8.x release)
    • From the Databases category, add libsqlite3-devel and sqlite3
    • Complete Cygwin's setup.exe
  • From a bash shell:
    • Ensure that RUBYOPT is set to nothing
    • Install Rubygems
      • Download the tar file from
      • tar -zxvf rubygems-1.3.1.tgz
      • cd rubygems-1.3.1
      • ruby setup.rb
    •  gem install sqlite3-ruby 

Note: If you also have Windows Ruby installed, you’ll need to ensure that your Cygwin environment variables (including PATH) reference the Cygwin edition and not the Windows edition.  The two editions are NOT compatible due to the binary parts of some gems and the path separator differences.