I have a set of Fizan Compact 4 Trekking Poles. (I ordered the Compact 3, and was disappointed to receive the heavier Compact 4.) I snapped off the tip.

I’m ordering a set of “Black Diamond Flex Tips” from Amazon. They also sell “Black Diamond Flex Tech Tips”. I can’t tell the difference. The former is cheaper, so I chose them. UPDAT: The “Flex Tech Tips” have replacable points; the “Flex Tips” don’t. Some people say that the points come unscrewed from the Flex Tech Tips, so the Flex Tips may actually be better.

Ebay (and many other web sites) also has “Trekking Plastic Anti-Slip Alpenstock Stick Pole Replacement Tip” or “Hiking Walking Plastic Alpenstock Pole Replacement Anti-slip Flex Tip”. You can buy a dozen of them for $16. They look like they’d fit, because their hole diameter is 0.4”, and that matches the Fizan.

There are two different things called “tips”. The carbide point (the tip of the tip) is available at my local REI. The larger, plastic end (to which the carbide point attaches) is what I’m replacing. That’s the part that breaks, and the Fizan doesn’t have a removable point. When I say “tip” without qualifying, I mean the black plastic end, not the point.

To remove the old tip from the Fizan, heat it in boiling water for about 40 seconds. You want the entire tip in the water because there is adhesive holding it in place. The adhesive is at the end of the tip farthest from the carbide point. You’re softening the glue, not expanding the plastic.

YouTube videos suggest putting a Crescent wrench loosely over the pole, and whacking down onto the tip. I tried it. It didn’t work. I think it may work better on poles without adhesive-attached tips. Once it was good and hot, I grabbed the tip with pliers down near where the carbide point lives, and tisted it off. Grab as close to the point as you can, so you don’t squash the tubing inside. (The tubing doesn’t come all the way to the end.)

This seems to be a good search string for eBay for replacement tips:

Replacement Tip for Alpenstock Walking Trekking Pole

I ordered from eBay “Trekking Plastic Anti-Slip Alpenstock Stick Pole” (which might have been shortened in the email receipt to “Trekking Plastic Anti…”. These are cheap, and will take forever to ship from China.

I bought the “Black Diamond Flex Tips, Long” from Amazon (a.k.a. “Long Tip”) and they are too long, but look usable. I’m hoping that the “Black Diamond Flex Tech Tips” are better length. Flex Tips do NOT have the replaceable point (rubber vs titanium); I think the Flex Tech Tips DO have the replaceable point. REI carries the points but not the tips.

UPDATE: They all arrived – the Flex Tips, the Flex Tech Tips, and the eBay tips. None of them fit the Fizan Compact 4. The tips all expect more taper than the Fizan poles have. i.e. The tips get much narrower inside as you near the point. The Fizan poles are almost cylindrical, with just a tiny amount of taper. Consequently, you can’t push any of the tips on far enough so that they don’t wobble. Also, the Black Diamond tips are much longer than the Fizan tips. The eBay tips are about the same length. The only thing I can see that might make any of these tips work is if I trim a little off the end of the poles. That will make the pole fit farther into the tip; perhaps far enough that they’ll fit tightly at the large end.