I’ve been messing around with a Deki wiki, and now I’m ready to start using it for real.  Here’s how I set it back to its newly created state.

  1. cd /path/to/your/deki/wiki/root
  2. cd ./attachments
  3. rm -rf *
  4. mysql -u root -p
    1. use db-catalog-name-from-mindtouch.deki.startup.xml;
      1. Mine is deki-kleinfelter
    2. DELETE FROM pages WHERE page_title!='' and page_namespace=0;
    3. DELETE FROM attachments;
    4. DELETE FROM comments;
    5. select user_id, user_name, user_role_id from users;
    6. You may want to delete some users rows.  Do not delete your admin ID or the 'Anonymous' user.   Me -- I didn't follow this advice. So here's the recovery:
      1. service dekihost stop
      2. mysqladmin -p drop database-name-here
      3. Delete everything from /path/to/deki/wiki/root
      4. cd to ~/Deki_Wiki_1.8.1a_Hayes_source
      5. cp -r web/*  /path/to/deki/wiki/root
      6. chown -R apache /path/to/deki/wiki/root
      7. service httpd restart
      8. Browse to http://www.example.com/config/index.php
      9. Complete and submit the form.
      10. cd to the config directory under your DocumentRoot (e.g. cd /usr/local/wikis/example.com/config)
      11. cp LocalSettings.php to your DocumentRoot (e.g. cp LocalSettings.php /usr/local/wikis/example.com/) 
      12. cp AdminSettings.php to your DocumentRoot (e.g. cp AdminSettings.php /usr/local/wikis/example.com/) 
      13. cp mindtouch.host.sh ../bin/
      14. service dekihost start
    1. If I missed something, please let me know!