I wanted to print a report showing all of my holdings, grouped by account. Quicken 2017 almost cannot do this.

  • Click on INVESTING on the blue bar above the main panel.
  • Choose Show=Value, GroupBy=Accounts, AsOf=(today)
  • Expand each account to show its holdings
  • Right-click on “Show” in the upper-left corner of the main panel
  • Choose “Print this screen”

It can be difficult to see all of the accounts, because the spacing is funny, but they really are all in there.

If you export to text, that also seems to work OK, except it seems to inject blank lines in the middle of some accounts. Also, if your fields aren’t wide enough on the screen, you’ll get “…” in your export. If that happens, go back to the page in Quicken and make the column wider (even if it looks wide enough to you).