I wanted to use Quicken 2011 under Crossover Impersonator. I’m running Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat). I was getting black buttons, black graphs and black charts. I had installed Quicken using the generic Codeweavers install for Quicken 2011. It is a ‘supported application.’

Comparing Quicken running in a VM with Quicken under WINE, I noticed that everything that was rendered in black under WINE, had shading to make it look 3D in the VM. Using a native GDIplus.dll solved the problem.

Here’s the full Quicken 2011 install:

  1. Application -> Crossover -> Install Windows Software
  2. Choose Quicken 2011 under Supported Applications
  3. Select an Installer -> Choose an Installer Folder -> Browse to your Quicken CD (or folder where you copied the CD)
  4. Run the install. Do NOT launch Quicken at the end of the install.
  5. Browse (Nautilus) to ~/.cxoffice/Quicken 2011/drive_c/windows/system32
  6. Rename gdiplus.dll to gdiplus-hidden.dll
  7. Copy a real (Microsoft) gdiplus.dll to ~/.cxoffice/Quicken 2011/drive_c/windows/system32
    • I've got a folder named windows-patches-and-MS-add-ons, where I keep all sorts of DLLs like this one.
  8. Application -> Crossover -> Manage Bottles
  9. Select the Quicken 2011 bottle ->Control Panel -> Wine Configuration and press Launch Selected Item
  10. In the Applications tab, select qw.exe
  11. Set Windows Version to Windows 7, and press Apply.
  12. On the Libraries tab, select "gdiplus (builtin)" in the Existing Overrides section, and press Edit
  13. Set the gdiplus override to "native, then builtin"
  14. Save everything, and run Quicken.
  15. When you get to the registration prompt, choose "Register Later"
  16. While holding control-shift, choose Tools/One-step Update. Quicken will promise never to nag about registration again.