I have multiple Plantronics wireless headsets (on different phones). Mostly, I love ‘em. When I use the speakerphone, the headsets give three beeps – often. This triple beep gets annoying pretty quickly.

What happens is that the microphone in the headset lifter, which is supposed to recognize that the phone is ringing, is picking up the sound from the speakerphone, and it is signaling that the phone is ringing and should be answered.

OK. How do I make the headset shut up when I’m on a day long speakerphone conference call? Plantronics provides no way to do this.

I found an easy way to install a simple on/off switch. Connect the power supply for the headset to a power strip with a switch. Plug nothing else into this power strip. When you want to disable the headset, turn it off at the power strip. When you want to enable the headset, turn the power strip back on.

Brute force – but it works.