I enabled the BillMeLater feature on PayPal, in order to get a $20 credit. At least, that’s what I thought I was doing. It appears that BillMeLater and PayPal are two entirely separate accounts, and they appear to be two different companies, in that they have separate customer support numbers and a call center agent for one can’t help with the other.

It also turns out that it is entirely too easy for a payment entered via PayPal to get sent to BillMeLater when I intended it to go to the credit card associated with my PayPal account. Way too easy. As in, when I place each order I specify that it should go to the credit card, and some of them go to BillMeLater anyhow.

So I went to BillMeLater’s online “Contact Us” and I told them I wanted the BillMeLater feature removed from my PayPal account. They sent me to PayPal. (This was my clue that maybe PayPal and BillMeLater were separate companies.)

So I went to PayPal’s online “Contact Us” and I told them to cancel BillMeLater. No response. After a few weeks, I tried again. Still no response.

Today, I called BillMeLater, at 866-528-3733 and asked them to cancel my BillMeLater account. “Nika” agreed to cancel my BillMeLater account. It took a little while for her to find my account, because she needed a BillMeLater account number, and I can’t get the BillMeLater or the PayPal web sites to give me this mystical number.

I hope Nika succeeds in canceling my BillMeLater account. If not, my next step will be to send a certified letter to both PayPal and BillMeLater, directing them to cancel both my PayPal and my BillMeLater accounts.