Like many Getting Things Done acolytes, I've meditated upon the great question: Does GTD holiness come via the path of electronic task lists or paper task lists?
Paper's Attributes:
<ul> <li>Socially more acceptable to fiddle with in some contexts.</li> <li>When I'm in a big hurry, I like to reach for a Post-It.</li> <li>Simple.</li> <li>Reduces time at computer.</li> <li>Retro cool.</li></ul>Electronic's Attributes:
<ul> <li>Easier to re-organize large lists.</li> <li>Blackberry</li> <li>Nesting of projects and tasks (if I use an outliner).</li></ul>I'll capture more as I move forward.

<ul> <li>Blackberry 8700c (employer mandate)</li> <li>Outlook for work email (client mandate)</li> <li>GMail via Thunderbird for non-work email</li><li>Hipster inbox</li><li>Papers cubby by home desktop monitor</li><li>Voicemail at work</li><li>Grandcentral voicemail</li><li>Jott?
Tasks:</p><ul><li>Hipster - Electronic might be more effective for many people, but I am entirely too prone to get caught up in the shiny new whatzit tool of the week </li></ul>