Building from source hangs on a really big gmcs (C-sharp version of cc).  I edited the Makefile in src/Dekiservices to remove excess trailing whitespace on lines ending with backslash.
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"My passwords" is not on the User Preferences screen for non-admin users.

Work-around: From your wiki root directory, edit includes/SpecialPreferences.php. At (or about) line 312, you'll see:

//todo: was using isLocal(), but that doesn't work
if ($wgUser->GetService()->GetSID() == WebService::SIDAUTHLOCAL) {

Change the "if" line to read:
if (true) {

and you will begin getting the "My password" fields.

QUESTION: What have I just done by removing the test for SIDAUTHLOCAL? Have I opened up a security hole?

UPDATE: This is not enough to get password updates to actually work.
1. Update includes/User.php and change this:
  • function isLocalAccount() { return $this->getService()->isLocal(); }
to this:
  • function isLocalAccount() { return true;}
2. Also edit includes/Title.php and change function isLocal to always return true
3. Note: I think that changing just 2 should do it, but it doesn't, so do both.

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If attachments give error messages about not being able to create directories or set permissions on files, but your permissions are correct, adding "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/mono-" to the environment in which dekihost runs resolved the problem.

<hr />Timezone appears to be broken. To fix it:

  • vi languages/Language.php
  • find  function userAdjust
  • right after $tz gets set, add
    • $tz = '-5:00';   # KPK KEVIN changed to force EST, because saving the timezone preference is broken. 

  •  vi includes/SpecialPreferences.php
  • Around line 301, comment out the 2 (not 3) lines that send the timezone control.

<hr />The part of changing your password that checks your old password appears to be broken, because all attempts in the code to fetch the password fail.  Hack the code to allow ANY old password:

  • vi includes/User.php
  • Change function checkPassword to always return true.  This does not break login, because login uses a different method to check the password. 

<hr />The "Forgot password" feature is broken.  To work around:

  • cd ~kevin/Deki_Wiki_1.8.1d_Hayes_source/src
  • vi src/services/Deki/Entities/UserBE.cs
  • Locate "public XDoc ToXml"
  • Inside this function, ensure that "showPrivateInfo = false" gets changed to "showPrivateInfo = true"
  • cd src
  • make root_dir=`pwd` PREFIX=`pwd`/bin
    • (Those are back-ticks above.)
  • e