I use Nirvana from nirvanahq.com for my tasks list. On an Android phone, it has a nice Sync icon. On a Kindle Fire Android tablet, there is no Sync icon. Here’s how to make it refresh.

  • At the top of the page, there’s a big blue title bar, showing the name of your selected folder. e.g. “Inbox”
  • Below the title bar is a narrow gray bar which repeats the name of the selected folder. e.g. “Inbox”
  • You must pull-down from the dividing line between these two bars.

I’ve heard this is a general issue with Kindles – that the pull-down area for an app has a very narrow activation area. This is reportedly because Android apps expect you to be able to pull down from the main title bar but Kindle uses the title bar in a non-Android-standard way.