I thought I'd take a look at Scala and the Lift Framework. Everything below is running in my Win2K VM with 512MB memory assigned to the VM. My Eclipse Workspase is K:\code.


  1. Maven 2.0.7
    1. unzipped to K:\Maven
    2. Add M2_HOME=K:\maven to environment
    3. Create the folder K:\code\.m2\repository
    4. Create C:\Documents and Settings\<your-ID>\.m2\settings.xml containing:
      • <settings>
      • <localRepository>K:/code/.m2/repository/</localRepository>
      • </settings>
  2. Ensure your PATH contains C:\Java\bin;C:\Java\jdk\bin;C:\java\jdk\jre\bin;K:\maven\bin;
  3. Add JAVA_HOME=C:\Java\JDK to environment
  4. Java EE 5 installed to C:\Java
  5. Scala 2.6.0-final installed to C:\Scala
  6. install Eclipse 3.3.0 (Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers) to K:\eclipse
  7. Subclipse 1.2.4 (http://subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.2.x)
  8. Install Maven 2.0 Integration V0.0.11.20070603... (http://m2eclipse.codehaus.org/update/)
  9. Install Eclipse PDE Plug-in Developer Resources 3.3.1 (The Eclipse Project Updates/Eclipse SDK Eclipse 3.3.1)
  10. Scala Plug-in (http://scala-lang.org/downloads/scala-plugin)

Basic Setup and Sanity Test

  • Using Eclipse SVN support, check-out Lift by right-clicking in the Package Explorer, Selecting Import/Other/Checkout Projects from SVN, repository = http://liftweb.googlecode.com/svn/trunk
  • Close Eclipse
  • Open a command prompt in K:\code\liftweb
  • mvn clean:clean install
  • cd example
  • mvn jetty:run
  • http://localhost:8888

Getting Eclipse to Work Well With Scala

  1. cmd prompt in K:\
  2. mvn -Declipse.workspace=K:\code eclipse:add-maven-repo
  3. cd \code\liftweb
  4. mvn eclipse:eclipse
  5. Start Eclipse
  6. Right-click liftweb, select Build Path/Configure Build Path/Libraries:
    1. connect each library with a real jar file in the file system
    2. Add log4j-1.2.12.jar
    3. Add commons-collections jar
    4. Add mail jar
    5. Delete the reference to scala-actors.jar
  7. Window/Preferences/Run-Debug/String Substitution: Add variable maven_exec=K:\maven\bin\mvn.bat
  8. Run/External Tools/Open External Tools Dialog. Define the following Maven tasks
    1. Name=Lift-Clean; Base-Directory=K:\code\liftweb; Goals=clean:clean
    2. Name=Lift-install; Base-Directory=K:\code\liftweb; Goals=install
    3. Name=Lift-run-example; Base-Directory=K:\code\liftweb\example; Goals=jetty:run