My cheat sheet for using the Atom editor with the FoldingText package. See official doc at


  • Must choose File » New Outline and save as .ftml, to create an outline.


  • Hyperlink: Cmd-Shift-K
  • All sorts of formatting: Cmd-Shift-P “Outline Editor: Toggle”
  • Edit tags: t (or Cmd-Shift-t in Text Mode)
  • Fold all to a given level: Edit » Folding
  • Toggle fold: Cmd-period (or just period, if not in Text Mode)
  • Toggle “complete” tag: Ctrl-space (or just Space, if not in Text Mode)
  • Toggle priority: digits 1-9
  • Indent: Tab
  • Outdent: Shift-tab
  • New line: Enter
  • Fold: Click the triangle
  • Unfold: Click the triangle
  • Move: Drag the triangle (hold Option to copy instead of move). Hold Ctrl while dropping (not dragging) to copy a hyperlink back to the original. (Can link across files.)
  • Enter Text Mode: press i or a or left/right arrow key or click where you want.
  • Exit Text Mode: press Esc.
  • Get full list of commands: Cmd-shift-P and type “outline editor”
  • Focus on children: Cmd-Opt-Down
  • Unfocus: Cmd-Opt-Up
  • Filter by text: Cmd-F, then type string to match. Search syntax is at
  • Filter by tag: Click on a tag or use Cmd-F and search for the tag text (e.g. #mytag)


  • Command-B to bold text.
  • Command-I to italicize text.
  • Command-U to underline text.
  • Command-Shift-K to insert and edit links.
  • Control-C to clear text formatting.


  • Text mode: When a line is selected, you can’t change the text. You enter “text mode” to get an i-beam cursor.
  • Focus: Show me just the children of this row.
  • Filter levels is funky. This shows up most often if you put a “complete” status on a parent and filter for “not @status = complete”, and it will show you the complete parent if a child is incomplete.