One feature provided by NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager is that it can add some icons to your title bar (just to the left of the minimize/restore/close buttons) to support window roll-up, move-to-next-display, and maximize-across-multiple-displays.

However, when you enable these, you can wind up with some obscure focus problems:

  • Sometimes the color-coding of your title bar (that indicates which window has the focus) can be backwards.  i.e. It shows the focused color when you don't have the focus, and vice versa.
  • If you open an application window, the title bar will show you that it has focus (see problem above), but pressing Alt-F4 doesn't close the window (because it doesn't really have the focus).

I suspect that focus is on the added icons, instead of the real window.  If you're a mouse user, you might never notice, but I'm a heavy keyboard user.

Work-around: Either:

  • Disable all nView Desktop Manager or
  • On the nView Desktop Manager window's User Interface tab, clear all 4 of the Title bar buttons check-boxes.