I use multiple topographic programs. I use Garmin’s BaseCamp because I use a Garmin GPS and because BaseCamp uses a typical Windows/Mac user interface. I use Delorme because, despite the non-standard U.I., it has trails and roads which exist in reality but not in Garmin’s maps. (I also use National Geographic maps on IOS devices, but that’s another story.)

Aside: I just don’t understand why some vendors, such a Delorme, find it necessary to re-invent the U.I. paradigm, and as a casual user, I can’t possibly remember how to use a unique U.I.

Anyhow, sometimes there’s a trail/road I see in Delorme, and I want to follow it on my Garmin GPS, so I need some way to export it and import it. I can’t export a trail, but I can put a route on the trail and export that route as a .GPX file. Then I can import the .GPX as a trace into Garmin, and convert it into a route.

Here’s how to export a route from Delorme:

  1. Create your Route
  2. Select the Route tab
  3. Right-click on the route (trail – on the map), select Manage Route, select Save as GPS Log.
  4. Export a .GPL file
  5. Select the Draw tab
  6. Press the File button
  7. Press the Import button
  8. Set “Files of Type” to .gpl. (This must be done BEFORE selecting the file.)
  9. Set “Import as” to Track
  10. Select the desired .gpl file and import it.
  11. Press the Export button
  12. Set the Save As type to .gpx
  13. Enter a file name and save the trace as a .gpx file