CarbonFin Outliner (or maybe Carbon Fin Outliner) is a great iOS app. The web version is deficient. It just doesn’t have some of the key features that the iOS apps have. I was using it for some checklists, but once I got up to about 10 checklists, I really needed to organize them into folders (or with tags). “CarbonFin does tags.” OK. Great. I’d prefer folders, but I’m old fashioned. Let’s use tags.

Can’t do that with the web application (Carbon Fin Outliner Online). It doesn’t support tags/folders.

<sarcasm> Yes, I could use my iPad at work. I’m already using a PC with 2 screens, a MacBook. I could add an iPad with a keyboard and have 3 computers. I just need to add another desk. Oops. Out of room. Need to add another office. Just let me run to my other office to check my checklists. I’ll be right back.