Here’s how I automate backup of my Google Docs documents on my MacBook, using GDocBackup and Mono. Similar magic also works for command-line backups in Windows, but you don’t need mono.

  • Install mono from I went with v2.10.11 (Runtime).
  • Download xxx from
    • I downloaded (The latest
  • Unzip GDockBackup and copy the files into /usr/local/bin/
  • Smoke test it with mono /usr/local/bin/GDocBackupCMD.exe /help
  • mkdir /Users/kevin/backups/gdocs mkdir ~/etc mono /usr/local/bin/GDocBackupCMD.exe -mode=encodepassword -password=yourPasswordHere -outfile=/Users/kevin/etc/GDocBackupPassword
  • Put the following (edited for your neds) into ~/bin/ #!/bin/bash # Use the following form to backup everything at you Google Apps domain: #/usr/bin/mono /usr/local/bin/GDocBackupCMD.exe -mode=backup -destDir=/Users/kevin/backups/gdocs -docF=odt -sprsF=ods -presF=ppt -drawF=png -appsMode=1 -appsOAuthSecret=myAppsOauthDomainKey -password=adminPassword # Use the following form to backup your personal docs. Works in account and in account. /usr/bin/mono /usr/local/bin/GDocBackupCMD.exe -mode=backup -destDir=/Users/kevin/backups/gdocs -docF=doc -sprsF=xls -presF=ppt -drawF=png -passwordEncFile=/Users/kevin/etc/GDocBackupPassword
  • RTFM at
  • Schedule the script file to run daily using crontab.

If you like packaged software, take a look at . It is reasonably priced, and it says it will back-up your Google Docs/Drive, Contacts, Calendar, and Email into Mac-usable formats.