Sharing OneNote Notebooks Via NAS

According to this blog, it is a bad idea to share a OneNote .one file via a NAS (SAMBA) network shared folder. He says, "In particular many SAMBA implementations seem to have problems with ReplaceFile failing."

Mac Opens Shell Script With xcode on Login

I added a .sh file (shell script) to my Login items, for OS X to run when I startup and then login. It starts xcode to edit the file, instead of running it.

Solution: Rename the file to a .command file.

Why: .sh files are owned by xcode by default; .command files are owned by Terminal. Ergo, a .command file will be run by the Terminal app instead of by xcode.


I'm using the "Merlin" edition of AsusWRT software on my RT-N66U. When I look in the Network Map, Clients, View List, in the Clients IP List column, I see

Converting Kindle Books With Calibre Missing Grapics

I did a format conversion with Calibre, to convert a Kindle AZW into another format. When I did, all of the figures/illustrations/graphics were missing or blank.

It turns out that when a book gets downloaded to a physical Kindle, special things happen to the graphics. They may not be available in converted output, or they may be reduced to monochrome.

Kindle Paperwhite Locks Up / Hangs When Connected to Mac Via USB

I plugged my Kindle into my Macbook. The Kindle went to "USB Drive Mode" and locked up. The Mac did not recognize it as a USB drive. (The Mac ignored it.) The Kindle did not leave USB mode when unplugged. I'm using OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.

I had to hard-reboot the Kindle by holding in the power button until it restarted. The problem was 100% repeatable.

After several tries with my Macbook, I rebooted the Kindle and plugged it into a Windows notebook and it worked as designed. So it was a problem with my Macbook.

Temporary FTP Server With IIS

I work in a corporate environment. Sometimes, someone needs to send me a large file. I have a shared folder on a NAS, which works for most users. We also have a web-based file-drop.

Notes on Ableton Live


  • Ableton Live is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
  • It is used for creating/editing digital audio compositions. (Tunes, symphonies, sessions, etc.)


Shrinking VMware Virtual Disks

I had a Windows 10 VM, created from a real PC using VMware Converter. The PC had one disk with two partitions. I couldn't get VMware Fusion to shrink the disk.

I tried using Fusion on the host, going to General from the Settings for the VM. I told it to shrink the single VMDK (which had the two partitions in it). It wouldn't shrink it below 240 GB.

Then I went to a CMD prompt in the guest, and I used

  • VMwareToolboxCmd.exe disk shrink D:\

and I shrank my VMDK file down to 80 GB.

Some Direct Quotes

Commitments by Donald Trump:

Getting to Know Your Android Wear Smartwatch

I bought an Asus Zenwear 2 Android Wear Smartwatch because:

  • My phone lives in my pocket, not on my desk.
  • It frequently signals for my attention, as text messages, calendar alerts, etc. arrive.
  • Every time I pull it out of my pocket is a risk that I'll drop it or accidentally fling it across the room.

Basically, I just wanted to move my phone alerts from my pocket to my wrist.

Here are some suggestions on how to get to know your smartwatch.


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