Can Evernote 4 (Windows) be run portably?

Update for Evernote 4.1:

  • To extract the .msi from the downloaded Evernote_4.1.0.3365.exe, run the .exe, and go look in %TEMP%.  You'll see Evernote.msi.  Copy this file, and then cancel the setup .exe.
  • You can then follow the 4.0.1 instructions, with the exception that you might have to look in "C:\Temp\Evernote4.1\PFiles\Evernote\[ApplicationFolderName]" instead of %TEMP%\Evernote\Pfiles\Evernote\Evernote.

Original Instructions for Evernote 4.0.1:

  • Download Evernote
  • Open Evernote_4.0.1.2927.exe
  • Open an Explorer window in your TEMP folder. (You can click Start/Run, enter %TEMP%, and press enter.
  • You'll find Evernote.msi
  • Run Universal Extractor (I used v1.6.1.)
  • Drag Evernote.msi and drop it on Universal Extractor
  • Press OK, and it will ask you which extract to do.
  • Choose "MSI Administrative Installer" and press OK.
  • It will run, and create a %TEMP%\Evernote folder.
    • Update: Some versions of Evernote/Universal Extractor will put your files in the output directory specified in Universal Extractor.
  • Browse to %TEMP%\Evernote\Pfiles\Evernote\Evernote
  • Open Evernote.exe, and enter your Evernote account and password and press OK.
  • It will run Evernote. For me, it crashed on the first synch.
  • Exit Evernote.
  • Move %TEMP%\Evernote\Pfiles\Evernote\Evernote to wherever you store your portable apps. I moved mine to S:\Evernote\Evernote-4.01-portable
  • Create a folder where you'd like to store your Evernote data. I used S:\Evernote\Evernote-4.01-data
  • Run Evernote.exe from wherever you copied it to. e.g. S:\Evernote\Evernote-4.01-portable\Evernote.exe
  • Choose Tools/Options and set the following:
    • Check for updates at Launch = No
    • Evernote Local Files = wherever you want. I used S:\Evernote\Evernote-4.01-data
  • Exit and restart Evernote
  • If you run into trouble, you may have to manually deploy files from %TEMP%\Evernote\Windows
    • I copied the contents of %TEMP%\Evernote\Windows\system32 to S:\Evernote\Evernote-4.01-portable
    • I also copied the winsxs folder from %TEMP%\Evernote\Windows to S:\Evernote\Evernote-4.01-portable. These files won't get loaded from there, but I wanted to preserve them, in case I later discover that I need them.

Honestly, after playing around with it just a little bit, it works pretty good. I think I’m finally going to move off of Evernote- to and onto this manually created portable 4.01. It writes a bunch of stuff to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote in the registry, but I can live with that. I’m not looking for stealth Evernote. Just a way to run it without violating the "no installs" policy at work.