I have yet to meet someone who declares, “Obama is a socialist,” and can give the classic definition of socialism and give an example of an Obama policy which meets that definition.

Socialism: A system which advocates public ownership and control of the means of production and allocation of resources.

What is it that they think Obama wants the public (i.e. the citizens of the USA) to own? What would be wrong with the citizens of the USA owning it?

What I think they are really complaining about is providing health insurance for someone who can’t buy it on his own. If you think that not providing health insurance for someone is the same as not providing healthcare for that person, raise your hand.

You there, in the back of the blogosphere… When Joe Sixpack shows up at the emergency room, bleeding profusely, and he doesn’t have health insurance. Who do you think pays to stop the bleeding?

Are you really serious about not funding his healthcare? So when Joe shows up in the ER, without an insurance card, are you thinking that they’d say, “Hey Joe. We’d like to help you, but first you’re going to run down to the ATM and withdraw $10,000 so that we know you can pay for your first day of care.”

What about if Joe is in a major car wreck? Should the ambulance leave him by the side of the road to die and rot if he doesn’t have a health insurance card or the cash to pay for it? Who’s going to collect the body if he has no family? If you’re really serious about not paying a cent for someone else’s healthcare, this is what you’re advocating.

So either you’re saying, “Let ‘em die if they ain’t got health insurance or a wad of cash,” or you’re saying, “I don’t want to pay for health insurance, but I’ll pay for healthcare.” Which one is it?