Some people use a Blackberry with a data plan but without a Blackberry Data Plan.  (They aren’t the same thing.)  Without a Blackberry Data Plan, you can’t do an over-the-air install (because Opera mini tries to use the Blackberry Internet Browser, and the Blackberry browser won’t work withou a Blackberry Data Plan). 

Here’s how I installed a Java Mobile application to my 8700C.

Download BlackBerry_JDE_Components_4.2.1.exe
Download Opera Mini 4 (opera-mini-4.0.10031-advanced-int.jad and opera-mini-4.0.10031-advanced-int.jar)
Run BlackBerry_JDE_Components_4.2.1.exe. If you don’t have a JDK, de-select that prerequisite failure.

Installing the Java Mobile Application:

  1. Note1: You should replace "demo1" with your application file names (JAD and JAR), and codefile1 with the name you want to use for the load-ready file.
  2. Download the application's JAR and JAD files with your PC.
  3. rapc import="c:\Program Files\Research in Motion\BlackBerry JDE Component Package 4.2.1\lib\net_rim_api.jar" codename=codefile1 -midlet jad=demo1.jad demo1.jar
  4. javaloader -usb load codefile1.cod