Enabling the cygwin ssh daemon has changed over the years. Here’s my 2017 edition of a how-to (howto).

  • Run the Cygwin setup and select openssh.
  • open Cygwin64 Terminal (run with ADMIN)


tell it:

  • strict modes = no
  • new local account = no
  • yes, install the service
  • CYGWIN = (empty. it is no longer needed)
  • User ID to use = your-personal-Windows-user-ID. (If you use a non-admin and an admin user ID, enter the admin one). If you let the config create a service account, that ID will NOT be able to access network shares. I really want to be able to access network folders when using Unison or rsync!

cygrunsrv.exe –stop sshd /usr/sbin/sshd.exe -D

Solve any error messages. If Windows firewall asks, permit the access. Test your connection. Run ssh from a remote machine and ensure you can connect.

^C cygrunsrv.exe –start sshd

Note: To totally start setup over, first you must:

cygrunsrv –stop sshd cygrunsrv –remove sshd

IF you have an /etc/passwd, delete any sshd or cyg_server user ID.

net user sshd /delete net user cyg_server /delete rmdir /var/empty

Note: Start/stop daemon with:

cygrunsrv –start sshd cygrunsrv –stop sshd