Because AT&T acquired Cingular, anyone with an Blackberry email address of the form, now has a new address of the form   The attached file can be used to convert all the email addresses in all the Contacts in your Outlook Contacts folder from mycingular addresses to att addresses.

Note: If your have a Blackberry, and you want to update the addresses, see the Blackberry note at the end of this posting.  You must synchronize your Blackberry address book with your Outlook Contacts both before and after you update the email addresses in your Outlook.

Adding the Code to Your Outlook:

  1. Right-click on this link and choose "Save Target As" (for Internet Explorer users) or "Save Link As" (for Firefox users) and save the file to your Desktop.
  2. Open the file with Notepad.  (Start Notepad, select File/Open, navigate to the file you saved, and press the Open button.)
  3. Copy the contents of the file to the Clipboard.  (Choose Edit/Select All; then choose Edit/Copy.)
  4. Start Outlook (if it isn't running) and select Tools/Macro/Visual Basic Editor.  If Outlook asks you whether macros are OK, tell it yes!
  5. On the left side of your screen, you'll see tree control.  It will probably contain an item named "Project1(VbaProject.OTM)" but the name can vary. Expand the tree control until you reach something called "ThisOutlookSession".  Double-click on ThisOutlookSession.
  6. To the right of the tree control, you'll see a panel that says "(General)" and "(Declaraations)" at the top.  Paste the content of your clipboard to the end of the contents of this window.  (Click in the window, press control-End, choose Edit/Paste.)
  7. Close the window titled "Microsoft Visual Basic".

Running the Code:

  1. Before you run the code, please make a back-up of your Contacts.  If you don't know how, ask your IT support, or Google for "outlook backup contacts".
  2. Repeat after me, "If running this code causes anything unpleasant, up to and including the appearance of a black hole that swallows the solar system, I will not complain, threaten, harass, blame, or file suit against its author, Kevin Kleinfelter."
  3. First, check to make sure that Outlook will let you run a macro:
    1. Select Tools/Macro/Security. Set Security Level to Medium (if it isn't selected already) and click OK.
    2. If you changed the Security setting, you'll have to exit and restart Outlook.
  4. Choose Tools/Macro/Macros
  5. Choose "ThisOutlookSession.ConvertCingularToAtt" (or whatever.ConvertCingularToAtt), and press Run.
  6. Press the OK button when the code asks your permission.
  7. Bask in the glow of success.

That’s great, but what about the addresses on my Blackberry?

  1. If you don't have it installed already, visit  and download and install Blackberry Desktop Software - Software v4.2 SP2 (Blackberry Desktop v4.2 Service Pack 2). If you need help with this step, contact your IT support person or your cell carrier.
  2. Synchronize your Blackberry address book with your Outlook Contacts folder.  If you need help with this step, contact your IT support person or your cell carrier.