Solution OpenVPN

You're thinking, "I'd like to use VPN, but I can't afford a Cisco AnyConnect license." I'll walk you through setting up free OpenVPN software on a $50 Raspberry Pi computer. Benefits:

  • Keep your data private when using public WiFi.
  • Access files and servers on your home LAN when you're away.
  • Practice principles which apply to the VPN at work. (Qualify as an 'Experienced VPN Technician!')
  • Impress your friends with your technical wizardry. ;-)

Note: While I'm installing OpenVPN on a stand-alone computer, some consumer routers (ASUS has several) will run OpenVPN or can be flashed with OpenWRT to gain OpenVPN ability. If you go this route, you must still generate the keys and certificates, but your router will include GUI features for configuration.

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