Using Circus Ponies Notebook v3.1.2, I want to clear all checkboxes in an outline. How to do this is non-obvious. Here’s my procedure. Note that this procedure has some steps which are not always required, but I’m trying to give a process that always works, with a minimum of “If you see x…” in it.

  • If an “… Inspector” window is NOT visible:
    • Press Cmd-Shift-I
  • Select the Cell Inspector pane of the Inspector window (the button with nested rectangles on it, on the left side of the Inspector’s toolbar).
  • Select the cell (the whole row) for any item in the outline which has a checkbox or a to-do. Select just one item. Check its checkbox, if it is unchecked.
  • Press Cmd-A to select everything in the outline.
  • Clear the “Completed” checkbox in the Inspector.