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Applications I Use

This has been removed because I decided it revealed too broad an attack vector.

(Keyword fodder: Applications I Use - What Goes Where)

Python/Ruby Bake-off

I'm doing a bake-off of Python versus Ruby. I'll use the winner for my Next Great Programming Project.

Programming Languages

There are several programming languages that interest me lately:

Blog Editors

Summary (Updated April 2009):

If you want offline caching of posts AND proxy support and you aren't willing to tolerate Ecto's peculiarities, the only games in town are Windows Live Writer, BlogJet and RocketPost.  Live Writer is free. RocketPost reportedly has zero support in the low-priced option, and it won't let me sort my cached post list by anything (other than date, descending, which it does by default).  BlogJet won't let me sort, but it does on-the-fly filtering as I type words from the title or body.


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