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My college band director had a large ego, an iconic style of conducting, and a loud opinion. He had a PhD, so we referred to him as "Doc." (We addressed him as Doctor so-and-so.) Here's a story we liked to tell.

A trumpet player died and went to heaven. St. Peter was showing him around. Off in the distance, they saw a figure conducting erratically, and shouting, "You're horrible! Play BETTER."

"Who's that?" asked the trumpet player.

"That's just God. He thinks he's Doc," said St. Peter.

WiFi Signal Strength and WiFi Access point List for Linux

Need a way to list all the visible access points, with signal strength and signal quality, on a Ubuntu Linux system?

For a one-shot listing (with color coding):

nmcli d wifi

For ongoing listing:

watch nmcli d wifi

For something fancier:

sudo apt-get install linssid

Yeah, I know about WiFi scanners for Android and iPhone. In this case, I don't actually need to know the WiFi signals -- I need to know how well my Linux system's WiFi card sees the signals.

Plantronics Savi W440 Savi W440 Wireless Headset

The Plantronics Savi W440 Savi W440 Wireless Headset is the worst headset for PC-based VOIP... except for all the others, which are worst.

I really want a comfortable, high audio quality, long-range, wireless headset for use with VOIP on my laptop. I need to be able to roam the floor, to visit the break room, etc. I'm often on the phone all day and I can't stay at my PC.

Skype for Business Troubleshooting and Tips

We're transitioning from dedicated phone handsets to PC-based telephony at work. i.e. We are taking away desk phones and telling people to use Skype for Business (SFB) on their laptops. We block ordinary Skype, so our users must use SFB (a.k.a. Microsoft Lync).

Here are some observations from the user perspective, following from that experience.

Sharing OneNote Notebooks Via NAS

According to this blog, it is a bad idea to share a OneNote .one file via a NAS (SAMBA) network shared folder. He says, "In particular many SAMBA implementations seem to have problems with ReplaceFile failing."

Mac Opens Shell Script With xcode on Login

I added a .sh file (shell script) to my Login items, for OS X to run when I startup and then login. It starts xcode to edit the file, instead of running it.

Solution: Rename the file to a .command file.

Why: .sh files are owned by xcode by default; .command files are owned by Terminal. Ergo, a .command file will be run by the Terminal app instead of by xcode.


I'm using the "Merlin" edition of AsusWRT software on my Asus router. When I look in the Network Map, Clients, View List, in the Clients IP List column, I see

Converting Kindle Books With Calibre Missing Grapics

I did a format conversion with Calibre, to convert a Kindle AZW into another format. When I did, all of the figures/illustrations/graphics were missing or blank.

It turns out that when a book gets downloaded to a physical Kindle, special things happen to the graphics. They may not be available in converted output, or they may be reduced to monochrome.

Kindle Paperwhite Locks Up / Hangs When Connected to Mac Via USB

I plugged my Kindle into my Macbook. The Kindle went to "USB Drive Mode" and locked up. The Mac did not recognize it as a USB drive. (The Mac ignored it.) The Kindle did not leave USB mode when unplugged. I'm using OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.

I had to hard-reboot the Kindle by holding in the power button until it restarted. The problem was 100% repeatable.

After several tries with my Macbook, I rebooted the Kindle and plugged it into a Windows notebook and it worked as designed. So it was a problem with my Macbook.

Temporary FTP Server With IIS

I work in a corporate environment. Sometimes, someone needs to send me a large file. I have a shared folder on a NAS, which works for most users. We also have a web-based file-drop.


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