ItemAdd Event Not Called

In Outlook VBA, one might code

  • Private WithEvents olInboxItems As Items
  • Set olInboxItems = objNS.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Items
  • Private Sub olInboxItems_ItemAdd(byVal Item as Object)

and expect the ItemAdd routine to get called. Sometimes it will.

In an Exchange environment, if you also have a

  • Private Sub Application_NewMailEx(ByVal EntryIDs As String)

then ItemAdd will not get called. You can have EITHER an Application_NewMailEx OR an ItemAdd.


I'm looking at CloudPull to back up my Google data. Yes, you should back up Google data. No, I don't think my local hard drive is more reliable than a Google data center, but hardware failure is the least of my concerns. Consider what would happen if you lost access to your Google account. Um hmmm... Now see how many ways you can think of which would cause that to happen. Still think you don't need a backup?

Oh, and when I search my files on my Mac, I expect to find all of my files -- not all of my files except my Google Docs.

Musings About Office Suites for Mac OS X - 2016

I started running el Capitan in a separate partition, to see if it is ready for me to upgrade from Yosemite. Since this is a leisurely upgrade, I'm carefully considering which software to put on it.

I looked at being done with Windows in a VM. I can't do that because there really is nothing comparable to Quicken for Windows if you're a comprehensive user. (If you just want a checkbook register, there are plenty of alternatives.) So I'm going to have Windows.

Why I Don't Use VirtualBox On the Mac

VirtualBox is an adequate VM program. It runs Windows and Linux reasonably well. But I'm not using it on my Mac because I can't double-click on a .docx file in OS X and have it open in Word on Windows in a VM. Both VMware Fusion and Parallels can do this.

Yeah, I could install Office 2016 for Mac. No, it doesn't run all of my Word and Excel VBA code, and I have a lot of complex VBA code. (It will run some, but not all VBA.)

Quicken to GnuCash Migration 2016 - Fail

In March of 2016, I tried again to migrate from Quicken (Windows) to GnuCash (Mac). This time it was with GnuCash 2.6.11. The motivator is that I use Quicken 2014, Q2014 is the last version to run on XP, so when Intuit expires my transaction downloads in 2017, I'll have to purchase Windows 10 and keep running VM software.

The good:

  • They've added support for SQL back-ends, including MySQL and sqlite3.

The bad:

Uninstall a Perl Module

To uninstall a Perl module (delete, remove, etc.):

cpanp uninstall module_name

or maybe

sudo cpanp uninstall module_name

Python: Muli-level if statement on one line

I saw an answer for this on StackExchange, but nobody seemed to understand why it was desirable... (I'm not enough of a participant in StackExchange to have enough reputation points to post a comment there.)

How can I combine multiple if statements onto a single line? I want

if x > 89:
    y = 'A'
elif x > 79:
   y = 'B'
   y = 'F'

on a single line.

Yes, it can be done. Yes, it doing so does serve a purpose. Consider the lambda.

Weather and Running and Clothing

My experience:

ggplot examples

ggplot a data frame with two series mixed together:

ggplot(df, aes('x-column-name','y-column-name',color='column-with-value-that-distinguishes-the-two-series')) + geom_point() + geom_line() + ggtitle('title') + xlab('xlab') + ylab('ylab')

e.g. For a data frame with a farmer's data for count of apples and pears grown in each year, with columns year, count, fruit

ggplot(df, aes('year','count',color='fruit')) + geom_point() + geom_line() + ggtitle('McDonald Farm Fruits') + xlab('Year') + ylab('Bushels')

The transfer transaction is to an account that no longer exists in Quicken

I have a retirement account and a checking account (and more) in Quicken. I have many transfers from the checking account to the retirement account. When I right-click a transaction in the retirement account and select "Go To Transfer", Quicken 2014 tells me "The transfer transaction is to an account that no longer exists in Quicken." It is wrong. It is a bug in Quicken.


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