Notes on Ableton Live


  • Ableton Live is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
  • It is used for creating/editing digital audio compositions. (Tunes, symphonies, sessions, etc.)


Shrinking VMware Virtual Disks

I had a Windows 10 VM, created from a real PC using VMware Converter. The PC had one disk with two partitions. I couldn't get VMware Fusion to shrink the disk.

I tried using Fusion on the host, going to General from the Settings for the VM. I told it to shrink the single VMDK (which had the two partitions in it). It wouldn't shrink it below 240 GB.

Then I went to a CMD prompt in the guest, and I used

  • VMwareToolboxCmd.exe disk shrink D:\

and I shrank my VMDK file down to 80 GB.

Some Direct Quotes

Commitments by Donald Trump:

Getting to Know Your Android Wear Smartwatch

I bought an Asus Zenwear 2 Android Wear Smartwatch because:

  • My phone lives in my pocket, not on my desk.
  • It frequently signals for my attention, as text messages, calendar alerts, etc. arrive.
  • Every time I pull it out of my pocket is a risk that I'll drop it or accidentally fling it across the room.

Basically, I just wanted to move my phone alerts from my pocket to my wrist.

Here are some suggestions on how to get to know your smartwatch.

Knowing Where to Put The X

There was a large company, with many complex machines. Bob, the senior engineer, retired. They gave him a retirement party and allowed him to purchase a gold watch. (Companies used to give a gold watch at retirement, but they don't any longer.)

Six months after Bob retired, one of the old machines broke. None of the new engineers could fix it. They all said, "Only Bob can fix this generation of machine."

OneNote 2016 Quick Notes Is Empty and Shows Loading Please Wait

I upgraded from OneNote 2013 to 2016. The "Quick Notes" pseudo-notebook (the Quick Notes icon at the bottom of the list of open notebooks) came up empty, showing "Loading... Please Wait" -- forever. Bummer.

Ubuntu Guest With Mouse Latency Under VMware Player

Mouse performance is poor when I'm running an Ubuntu 16.4 guest in a VMware Player VM. The mouse periodically hangs for a second or two when I move it around the guest. The latency is a major annoyance.

I found this to be relevant.

What I Do for a Living

I'm often asked, "What's your job?" The short answer is that I fix things for AT&T. The longer answer is:

I'm like a prosecuting attorney and a judge, for complex computer systems.

For complex IT systems, involving load balancers, web servers, application servers, inter-application communication via sockets/web services/message queues, databases, SANs, proxy servers, security appliances:

The Monte Hall Problem

I was struggling to understand the Monte Hall problem. This explanation helped.

I think the confusion is between dependent and independent probability. Ironically, I dropped my first course in Statistics because the prof was confusing the two.

Here's the explanation that makes sense to me:

LaTeX Crib Notes

Description Markup Example
newline \\
exponent ^ \( x^2 \)
union \cup \( \cup \)
intersection \cap \( \cap \)
space ~
tilde '\sim' \( \sim \)


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