Removing an App From Spotlight

I wanted to remove Evernote from Spotlight.

It is easy enough to remove a Folder from Spotlight. Just go to System Preferences >> Spotlight >> Privacy, and drag any folder from Finder into the list. That folder is no longer indexed.

But the folders for Evernote, reported by others to meet this need, are ineffective. (I rebuilt the Spotlight index and they came back!) * ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote * ~/Library/Caches/com.evernote.Evernote

So I went looking for the importer for Evernote:

Leaving Evernote

Evernote does not encrypt data at rest. Evernote does not apply "zero knowledge" encryption (where data in encrypted on the client and the provider has no ability to decrypt the customer's data).

Light Bulb Info

Candelabra means e-12 (or E12) socket/base.

Excel Drag-and-drop Editing

I never can remember these:

  • Move and overwrite = just drag and drop.
  • Move and insert = shift drag and drop.
  • Move and copy = control drag and drop

Windows 10 - I Want the Old Dialog to Add a User Without an Email or a MSN or a Phone Number

I know how to add users to old Windows. Microsoft changed it and made it more complicated with Windows 10. Here's how to find the old add-user dialog.

  • Start >> Run >> control userpassword2
  • Press Add
  • Click "Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended)" down at the bottom of the dialog.

GTD With Nirvana Refresher - 2017

  • Tasks are tangible (physical, visible)
  • Lists
    • Inbox
    • Next Actions (NA)
    • Waiting for
    • Projects
    • Later
    • Someday
    • Focus: Add a star to it if I really need to do it before I knock off for the day (Sat+Sun = 1 "day").
      • Tag it with "weekend" if I can't star it for today, but I want to consider starring it on Friday night.
  • Calendar


  • Barrier to entry is low
  • Process in sequence

Which Way Does ln -s point (or Which Comes First, the Real Folder or the Symbolic One)?

I hate "ln -s". I can never remember which to put first -- the name I'm creating or the name which already exists.

ln -s {target-filename} {symbolic-filename}


ln -s {thing-that-exists} {new-thing-that-will-exist}


ln -s {old-thing} {new-thing}

Solution OpenVPN

You're thinking, "I'd like to use VPN, but I can't afford a Cisco AnyConnect license." I'll walk you through setting up free OpenVPN software on a $50 Raspberry Pi computer.


OpenVPN Troubleshooting

Here's where I collect my 'learnings' on setting up and operating OpenVPN.

Handy Command Lines

Restart OpenVPN server, to re-load config file:

sudo service openvpn restart

OpenVPN Always Connects Twice or Connects, Drops, Connects, Drops, Connects...

I set up my OpenVPN system and went to make my initial connection. It connected! And dropped, and connected and stayed connected. In fact, every time I told the client to connect, it would connect, then drop, then reconnect. Weird. Usable. A little slow. A mystery.

Build Configuration Files for Your OpenVPN Clients

Download a Config File From Your Router, If You Are Using a Router VPN Server

If you are using a router as your VPN server,


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