The transfer transaction is to an account that no longer exists in Quicken

I have a retirement account and a checking account (and more) in Quicken. I have many transfers from the checking account to the retirement account. When I right-click a transaction in the retirement account and select "Go To Transfer", Quicken 2014 tells me "The transfer transaction is to an account that no longer exists in Quicken." It is wrong. It is a bug in Quicken.

Numpy (Python)

I'm learning Numpy. Here are some notes:

Dot Product

a = [1, 2, 3]
b = [10, 20, 30],b)
  • Reminder: Dot product of a,b is 110 + 220 + 3*30

Pandas (Python)

I'm learning the Pandas library for Python. Here are some note.

Getting Started With AWS EMR 4.x

There have been some significant changes in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic MapReduce (EMR) with the 4.x release. The Amazon doc hasn't been rewritten for 4.x - just a summary of changes, making it tough to follow tutorials. Here are some tips for getting started with AWS EMR. I assume you are using Linux or a Mac. Windows users will have to make some minor adjustments, but the basic ideas apply.

Firefox Prompts for ID/Password Too Much

If you are using Firefox in a corporate environment, and you get too many prompts for ID/password, it may be because your proxy server requires authentication for some/all sites. To make the prompts go away:

  • Tools >> Options >> Advanced >> Network >> Settings
  • Ensure 'Do not prompt for authentication if password is saved' is selected.

Jupyter Notes

All of this is on a Mac:

Gmail - Terribly Slow Response - Work-around

Sometimes I get epically slow response from GMail. I'm running GMail in a Chrome tab on a late model Macbook. Sometimes it takes 15 seconds to echo a keystroke or to respond to a mouse click.

Learning R - Painful R Learnings

I'm learning programming/analysis with R. Here are a few things I've learned that were more painful than necessary.

Reconfigure Ubuntu (Linux) Keyboard for Dvorak

sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

When Nothing Else Unzips a Zip File

brew install p7zip

unzip using the command: 7za x


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