Excel Won't Quit - Yes It Does

I was automating Excel, from Autohotkey, via CSCRIPT or WSCRIPT. I followed all of the best practices for object management, such as setting my objects to Nothing in VBScript, calling xlApp.Quit and then setting xlApp to Nothing.

EXCEL.EXE just kept showing up in Task Manager after I quit Excel.

Ha! But if I sat around for 45-60 seconds, it did quit.

How to Use Bluetooth Earbuds- Senbowe APTX + Siamesed Ear Hook Sweatproof Wireless Running Sports Bluetooth Earbuds

I bought "Bluetooth Earbuds Senbow APTX + Siamesed Ear Hook Sweatproof Wireless Running Sports Bluetooth Earbuds" from Amazon, on sale. The instructions are marked "Bluetooth Instruction Manual S01 Bluetooth Headset". The instructions are almost worthless.

"The BUTTON" - There is one button on the left earpiece. I refer to it as "the BUTTON". There are also 3 buttons mounted on the wire between the earbuds.

Power Control:

Internet Explorer - "This page can't be displayed" error

Sometimes, IE shows a "This page can't be displayed" error. This is IE's all-purpose "I'm sorry, I can't do that Dave" message. It can have multiple causes.

One cause I've seen more than once is an infinite redirect loop. This can be particularly difficult to recognize, if you have users trying to reproduce the problem, because they'll reload the page again and again, trying to produce the problem. That looks a whole lot like a redirect loop, reloading the page again and again.

HSA in Quicken 2014

Quicken 2014 does not include support for Healthcare Savings Accounts (HSA). You want to set these up as:

  • Brokerage Account
  • NOT Tax-Deferred

Using Brokerage Account will let you track investments made in your HSA.

Print Retirement Plan in Quicken 2014

I've seen Quicken print a comprehensive report on your retirement plan, but I can't make it work now.

This is NOT the way. It just prints a single header.

Wonky Mouse Behavior With VMware Horizon View HVD

When I'm using a VMware HVD (VMware Horizon View), sometimes the mouse pointer gets stuck in the HVD. If my HVD is maximized, the mouse will not move to the title bar (HVD tool bar), to let me minimize the HVD. If my HVD is not maximized, I can't move the mouse pointer out of the HVD window. The mouse pointer keeps jumping back into the middle of the HVD window.

I don't know how to fix the problem, but a work-around is to press control-alt, to release the mouse from the HVD -- just like you would do with VMware Workstation or VMware Player.

Google Maps Will Not Drag and Drop to Change Route (reroute)

Sometimes Google Maps will not allow me to drag-and-drop to manually change the route. It just pans the map around, instead of dragging the route from one road to another.

This happens when the written directions are expanded to show the details. To re-enable manual rerouting, get rid of the detailed directions. It won't let you change the route because it is displaying the specific roads and it doesn't want to re-draw that panel.

MacPorts or Brew

I thought this was unusually lucid, for a Quora post: https://www.quora.com/Should-I-use-Fink-MacPorts-Homebrew-or-something-else-for-MacOS-package-management

Here's the part that got my attention:

Set-up OpenVPN (Using Merlin on an Asus Router) and Tunnelblick on Mac OS

For an explanation of all of the files, see my complete list of OpenVPN certificates, keys, and authorities.

Generating Your Keys and Certificates

Build keys and certificates per this story

Configuring the Router

Using Merlin 380.65_2. Open your router IP in a web browser (e.g.

Spooler Crashes (Windows XP)

I'm running XP in a VMware Fusion VM.

Spooler SubSystem App has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

This didn't help:

  • NET STOP SPOOLER and press Enter
  • NET START SPOOLER and press Enter

Deleting all existing printers didn't help.

This seems to fix it: http://www.pchell.com/support/spoolersubsystem.shtml


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