SVS, VMWare, and Portable Apps


  1. Some zero-install apps at
  2. Can install an app on one machine and run it on another. If the app requires activation based on your hardware, you'll have to activate it on multiple machines.

VMWare (and other VMs)

  1. Can run apps installed to an image.
  2. Slow, and really needs more than 1GB RAM and faster than a 1.8GHz mobile Pentium on the PC. Ubuntu is slow, Kubuntu is slow. I still want to try XUbuntu and running Ubuntu non-GUI with a Cygwin X-server.

Synch Outlook with Google

Using Funambol 6.0.14

Here's how to synch your Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar via ScheduleWorld, using Funambol 6.0.14 and Outlook 2003. But it doesn't work, because ScheduleWorld muffs the synch with Google.

Tip Sheet

Tips on how to fix/tweak Windows applications and Microsoft Windows

VMWare, VirtualBox, and Virtual PC

Testing VMWare Player 1.0.3, VirtualBox, and Virtual PC 2007...

Time between starting from the text-mode (F8) boot screen.  256MB RAM allocated to VM. Windows 2000 Pro (SP4) guest.  Host Extensions installed in every case.

Seconds before Login prompt displayed:

Safe Mode w/Networking

  • VirtualBox  31 sec
  • VMWare Player 1.0.2 38 sec
  • VMWare Player 2 beta 53 sec
  • Virtual PC 2007

Boot Normally

Why Do a Bake-off?

There are several programming languages that interest me lately:

Bake-off Code 1

Here's the unit test for the top-level procedure for the Python version. (I drifted from the original design.)

#!/usr/bin/env python
import unittest
from mock import Mock
import g2o
from calendar import Calendar

class TestSynch(unittest.TestCase):

def test_synchCalendars(self):
mGoogleCalendar = Mock({"merge":Calendar})
mOutlookCalendar = Mock({"merge":Calendar})

Applications I Use

This has been removed because I decided it revealed too broad an attack vector.

(Keyword fodder: Applications I Use - What Goes Where)

Python/Ruby Bake-off

I'm doing a bake-off of Python versus Ruby. I'll use the winner for my Next Great Programming Project.

Programming Languages

There are several programming languages that interest me lately:


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